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About Us

Jouvence Real Estate is a newly established company founded by Jacob Mulenga, a professional football player whose global career has spanned living and working in France, The Netherlands, Turkey and China. As a result, Jacob has been fortunate to experience various cultures and learn about the challenges that come with finding affordable luxury housing and high standards of service. Taking his experiences into account, Jacob decided to launch Jouvence Real Estate to offer affordable up-market properties that reflected the standard many families aspire for. At Jouvence, we understand our client’s needs and go above and beyond to fulfill their requirements. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our clients live in a stress-free environment in homes that are strategically located to create safe and secure family-friendly neighborhoods, close to essential amenities like shopping malls, schools, supermarkets, and hospitals. Our homes are designed by local and international architects, who place a high level of importance on maintaining the industry standard, and leveraged extensive knowledge acquired from their combined experience across multiple countries. Jouvence Real Estate creates an experience to cherish for a lifetime and provides clients with the best in luxury quality and affordable housing where they and their families can be happy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable luxury homes to our clients.
We focus on offering the client the highest standard of service.


We understand the importance of every client’s well-being.
With passion, respect, and dedication, we ensure the client we serve feels special.
Therefore, placing the client’s needs above our own.


Our goal is to become a leading luxury home provider catering to the specific needs of each client.

Jouvence 1
Under construction

Jouvence 2
Four Villas

Jouvence 3
Three Houses



Among the houses in several countries we have lived, this property is right on top of the list when it comes value for money, maintenance support, security and comfort.

Balu Nair
BIA Group Zambia


We couldn’t ask for a better landlord. Always ensuring his tenants are happy. Excellent upkeeping and maintenance team ensuring the property is always in impeccable condition.

Gary Kruger
New World Grain manager

Our stay has been enjoyable, safe and support services excellent.



Gilbert Mfuya
General Manager Toyota Zambia Limited



Jouvence 1

Under construction

Jouvence 2

All four occupied

Jouvence 3

All three occupied


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